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Head Instinct i.kers 2017/18

Head Instinct i.kers 2017/18

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Popis zboží: Head Instinct i.kers 2017/18

If you’re looking for an all-mountain board packed with pop and responsiveness then the INSTINCT i. KERS directional twin is for you. With the dual benefits of reactive camber and fun flat camber the board delivers enhanced control and response in all conditions. Weight was reduced by 200g by using our brand new Hexagonal Core material paired with Graphene.

Shape:Twin Directional
Camber:Hybrid Camber DCT
Architecture:Pro Board Architecture
Flex index:8

Sintered Base

LengthwaistContactradiusMed. StanceSetbackRider Weight
  • Hexagonal Core is a high-tech compound that allows a board to weight less but maintain its core strength. It is arranged zonally in the construction of selected HEAD boards.
  • Graphene is a 2D material that even when an atom thick is one of the strongest and lightest materials on earth. Used zonally in a board it magnifies a board’s positive characteristics.
  • Kinetic Energy Recovery System harvests kinetic energy from edge-to-edge riding, stores it in a chip and releases it when support is needed. It is a technology derived from Formula 1.
  • The ISPO Gold Award winning Framewall is multifaceted, as it adds stiffness and control to the board, absorbs shock and delivers an even pressure along the board’s edges for added control and reactivity.
  • Intellifibers
    Intellifibers are piezoelectric fibers that absorb energy from edge-to-edge turns and stiffen. Intellifibers enhance power and control by stiffening when a board is ridden edge-to-edge to give more control and power to the board.
  • Hybrid Camba DCT features a mix of regular and flat camber and a tapered, narrow waist for increased torsional flex. Outstanding edge hold comes from the camber under the bindings, while flat camber between delivers responsive fun.
  • Pro Board Architecture
    Pro Board Architecture mixes Framewall and Bamboo Stringers with lightweight Hexlight and KERS for improved flex, stability, strength and pop.
  • Twin Directional
    Twin Directional boards feature a twin shape with a directional construction. This makes them precision all-mountain riding tools and park and pipe machines and is perfect for riding switch to include backcountry freestyle in its remit.
  • Flex Index
    The flex index represents the stiffness or softness of a board measured from 1 to 10. 1 is the softest and most forgiving, while 10 represents the stiffest and most responsive of flex patterns.
  • Sintered Base
    Sintered base provides great wax absorption, strength and speed. It has a very dense molecular structure created by bonding polyethylene pellets through extreme pressure to create tiny pores for better wax absorption.

Fotografie: Head Instinct i.kers 2017/18

Head Instinct i.kers 2017/18

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